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Do squirrels live in the city or the country?

There are many different types of North Carolina squirrels that live in various locations and environments. Charlotte Squirrels can live in forests, in prairies, and even in deserts. It all depends on the type of the squirrel. However, you may find that squirrels live in urban areas in a larger number than those who live in wild areas.

Each squirrel has an individual environment that would be their home. Some species of squirrels, known as tree squirrels, live mainly in the trees. The red squirrels live in coniferous forests because they need to feel on the seeds and cones of trees such as Pine trees or Spruce trees. However, there are other types of tree squirrels. The Gray Squirrel will mostly be found to be living in areas close to humans. Gray squirrels live in the city. They will make nests in the trees, using twigs and leaves. They live, sleep, and take shelter in these nests especially when the weather is severely cold or if it is raining. In addition, these types of squirrels will even make a nest in the attic of a house. When they live in the attic of someone, they may be of annoyance and will eventually need to be removed.

You will also find that there are ground squirrels that live on the ground or they create burrows underground. In America, you can find Eastern gray squirrels living in all of the Eastern United States as well as in parts in Canada. The Western gray squirrel will be found along the Western Coast of the United States and also in Canada. Chipmunks, another type of squirrels, live in different parts of the United States, while prairie dogs will be found in the central United States, in Canada, and in some parts of Mexico. The Easter Fox Squirrel will be found living in the Easter United States and in some parts of North East Mexico. Ground squirrels include Prairie dogs, Marmots, the Franklin ground squirrel, the Rock squirrels, the three lined ground squirrels, as well as several others. All these types live in different parts of the United States. It all depend on the species and the type of the squirrel.

Since each type of Charlotte squirrel will have different needs, then each will live in an area that would cater to these needs. However, as a general rule, more squirrels live in urban areas than in wild areas. Squirrels are not afraid to be close to humans, and that is why they can be found living in the cities. Still, it should be pointed out that it would not always be wise to get too close to squirrels since they are much smaller creatures which may get afraid and try to defend themselves.

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