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How do I clean raccoon feces out of my attic?

After you get rid of North Carolina raccoons in your attic, the next logical step will be to clean off attic. When you get up there, you will be shocked with the amount of debris, junk and dirt that has been left after them. North Carolina Raccoons leave lot of waste during their life in the attic and because raccoons waste is possible carrier of dangerous parasites and diseases, it is important to clean attic off of it.

Raccoon waste is often gathered in a pile, because Charlotte raccoons designate every part of space for individual purpose: they will sleep in one part of your attic, eat in other, poop and urinate in third, etc. So, in a majority of cases, you will have to clean the poop and urine from a single spot, but be prepared that there are exceptions to this.

Before you start cleaning, prepare yourself well for it. It is incredibly important NOT TO TOUCH RACCOON FECES. Raccoon feces can carry eggs of raccoon roundworm, as well as several dozen other dangerous diseases which you can get infected by if you approach cleaning unprepared (some examples of diseases found in raccoon waste: leptospirosis, salmonella, campylobacter infection, Giardia lamblia, etc.). All of these dangerous can cause serious consequences for your health, such as vomiting and diarrhea but also blindness and even fatal outcome.

To be sure that you will avoid any such consequence, equip yourself with full outfit just for the cleaning purposes: a special suit (biodegradable), a mask for your face that is N95 rated (you can get it in a Home Depot or similar store) and that will protect you from inhaling any airborne parasite, rubber gloves and boots that you can firmly secure so there is no access of airborne parasites onto your skin. After you finish cleaning, you can wash entire equipment in detergent and hot water and leave it out to dry, but the best thing to do after you complete cleaning is to throw all of this away.

Once you start cleaning, you will find out that Charlotte raccoon feces can easily be removed by hand, as it is quite large. However, you can't rely on that fact and consider cleaning finished when you pick up all poop. There might be smaller droppings in hard to reach corners of attic or roof insulation, so it is the best to clean an entire attic with special solution that will eliminate all biohazard waste, including urine and small droppings. This solution is sprayed through a special fogging machine also known as atomizer that will entirely clean all the nooks and crannies and assure restoration to clean state. If your home is insured, then insurance will pay for attic cleaning in order to remove health risk.

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