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About Rabbit

Rabbit is a small mammal , with diverse species found all around the world. The domesticated rabbit is more common than the wild rabbit. The male f rabbit is referred to as buck while the female is referred to as Doe.

Rabbits are characterized by their long hairs , which can measure more than 4 inches in length, and the animal is regarded as an “obligate nasal breather”, with some extra-large hind legs that give them speed when running. Rabbits have two incisor teeth at the front of their mouth, and the teeth are extra sharp for chewing and attacking preys. Rabbits are known to move around on their toes, especially when running, and they possess strong nails which they use in digging , with the support of their teeth. Just like domesticated rabbits, wild rabbits also have an egg-shape body , with body sizes varying from 8 to 20 inches. The male rabbit is often bigger than female rabbits

Life cycle
Rabbits do not have a specific period of mating but they are often secretive about mating, especially when they are domesticated. Rabbits can produce as much as 12 offspring at a time, and they provide them with adequate insulation by shedding some fur (hair). Wild rabbits do have longer life cycle than domesticated rabbits but most times, life cycles of rabbits do not exceed 2 years.

Wild rabbits are found in diverse places, and most especially in the meadows, woods, grasslands, forests, and wetlands. The European rabbit is believed to burrow and live underground, especially in rabbit holes. It is believed that more than 50% of the world’s rabbit population resides in North America

Rabbits are herbivore in nature, thus they feed on grass, and leafy weeds. Though their diets often contain very high amount of cellulose that are difficult to digest, but they are able to resolve this through the hind-gut fermentation that produce both soft and hard fecal pellets.

Rabbits have to power to see images at angles 360 degrees, and they have a small blind spot in the middle of their head. Rabbits are active both at dawn and dusk, and they are able to survive attacks by burrowing or moving around in zigzag manner. Rabbits are known to sleep with their eyes opened, thus they are able to monitor their environments. Rabbits are known to graze very fast and widely for the first few minutes, this is then followed by a selective grazing period.

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